Our service is based on the principle: “Every client has an indisputable right to privacy and security.”

o We pay great attention to the protection of your information from unauthorized access and system failures.

o Our hosting and infrastructure provide a high level of security.

o Ensuring security is an ongoing process — we constantly monitor and improve our data protection mechanisms.


For security reasons, we do not disclose confidential information about our customers. We guarantee the confidentiality of our users’ data and do not use it for our own purposes. The anonymity of our clients is maintained throughout cooperation and beyond.

Network security

External access to our servers is controlled by system of software and hardware protection tools (firewalls, security systems, routers, etc.) that are configured and controlled by highly qualified specialists in this field. Our local network is also reliably protected from unauthorized external access.

Data backup

We conduct regular backups of user databases. Your data is backed up in specially designed data centers and duplicated on several physical servers that provide greater level of security for your data than the one you can provide yourself by storing data on your own computer. This means that if the primary server fails, you will immediately be transferred to the backup server, while all data will be saved.

Data encryption

The security of your data has been and remains our top priority. All data transmitted between you and our service is SSL encrypted. SSL is a cryptographic protocol that protects data transmitted over a network. The level of encryption is the same as in internet banking.

Reliability of employees

Before hiring, we ensure that the candidates were not be punished in the past for offenses of data protection, information security, and confidentiality. Once hired, all employees are educated about information security and how to work with informational data. Moreover, we regularly check that our employees do not break our security policy.

External audit

We conduct regular monitoring of our security systems by third-party independent experts to ensure that our accounting service meets the highest standards. This way, we know that we provide you with the best service.

Additional Information

If you need additional security information, please contact us. We will be pleased to present our detailed security concept and answer any of your questions.