Expense form template: Employee Expense Templates

Expense form template: Employee Expense Templates

Expense form template

It can help you request reimbursement for any reimbursable expenses. Free employee reimbursement form in Word which you can use to formally request reimbursement for expenses spent from your personal pocket. Small business owners and freelancers are no strangers to expense reports either. This type of reporting is key for tracking income and expenses, which makes tax season a lot easier. From this monthly expense report template, you can see what the employee (Melanie Rodrigues) spent in the latter half of September 2024. This report itemizes her expenses by date, description, and category (Air/Travel, Lodging, Fuel, Meals, Entertainment and Other).

Expense form template

So, in this post I’ll show you a ton of beautifully designed expense report templates you can use for your business. After you’ve added all the data, including the date, purpose, and mileage, you’ll get your total mileage expense for the said date calculated automatically. Once you’ve entered this data, you’ll get your totals for each date calculated automatically, as well as the total for the entire expense period covered in this report.

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Alice finds the data she needs to add to her expense report confusing. The Expense Report for Construction lets you track and record your construction-related expenses. If you frequently need to cover construction-related expenses and you need an easy way to stay on top of them — then the Expense Report for Construction Template has got you covered. The Event Expense Report Template lets you record all your business event-related expenses.

  • As you enter each line item, the template automatically calculates your total expenses.
  • If you’re in search of a simple-to-use template to help you keep up with all your event-related costs, then the Event Expense Report Template could be exactly what you were looking for.
  • Some expense reports may include the approaches to billing used or require an employee to identify the expense category.
  • This knowledge will really help put the time you spend on certain business tasks in perspective.
  • For a quick solution, instead of making your own expense report in Excel or Google Sheets, download and use one of our free Expense Report Templates below.

The Project Expense Report Template lets you organize all your project-related expenses by date and description. In case you need certain expenses to be covered ahead of their schedule, then the Expense Report with Advance Reimbursement could be just the solution to ensure everything goes as planned. Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. Every document you share is an opportunity to showcase your brand.

Blank Per Diem Expense Report Template in Word (Plain)

Once you’ve added this data, you’ll get the total expense for the date, as well as the subtotal by date calculated automatically. Once you enter the expense description, payment method, the amount paid, and the person to whom the amount was paid, your subtotals for each day get calculated automatically. For more tips and resources, check out this list of free expense report templates. ClickTime’s Expense Tracking provides the perfect balance between a swift reimbursement process and proper, detailed reporting.

Expense form template

This reimbursement form in PDF allows you to record details regarding business expenses you have personally paid and request a refund from your company. It can be used when requesting reimbursement for business expenses spent from your own pocket. This Excel reimbursement form allows you to record details regarding business expenses you have personally paid and request a refund from your company. If you’re looking for expense reports in a Google Sheets format, check out this collection of free Google Sheets expense report templates and business expense trackers.

Expense Reimbursement Form in Word (Blue)

When you want to take a client out for a business lunch, treat it like a task you’ll add to the appropriate project in your project list at Clockify. Christina just got her first job at a prestigious company, and she’s still unfamiliar with how the expense policy of her new company works. Then, track the time you spend filling out each Report to make sure you stay within your predefined time limit. So, Alice the Sidestepper often decides that it’s easier not to report the expenses and often pays for them from her own pocket. Simply, add your work date and specify the house identification number, the expense identification number, as well as the construction and construction-related expenses.

Plus, find tips on how to create an expense report in Excel. This basic expense report template simplifies the business expense process for employees. Enter the primary purpose for each expense, employee name, employee ID, department, and manager. For each expense, provide the date, a description, and category details.

Employee Expense Templates

If you think your salary is unfair, don’t up your expense report to make matters even — try asking for a salary raise, coupled with concrete proof of why you deserve one. If you unjustly didn’t get approval for a past reimbursement request, don’t turn to payback. Sure, it might make you feel better, but it does nothing to stop the problem from happening in the future. Instead, turn the matter over to a higher entity in your company. Matt asks for reimbursement for every dollar he spends — because he wants to pay the company back for something he believes is an injustice toward him. If none of the above-mentioned reports fall under the category that you were looking for — check out the Miscellaneous Expense Report Templates to find the right template for you.

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Our Reimbursement Form template is great for general employee expense reimbursements (for non-travel expenses). The Business Mileage Tracking Log lets you keep track of daily mileage for record keeping and reporting. The Weekly Expense Report template provides a way to include more details and more expense categories. This all-inclusive business expense report template helps employees and employers keep expenses and receipts in order. By doing so, companies can ensure that each authorized expense is approved for reimbursement as quickly as possible.